Chinese Embroidery Class

Once a Paulinian, forever a Paulinian.

We alumni live out our school motto for the rest of lives after graduation but have you ever thought of being a student at the School again? For the first time, the School and the Alumni Association have worked together to create an opportunity for our alumni to return to the classroom to attend Chinese embroidery classes, alongside existing students.

The Chinese embroidery classes are generously offered by our School to interested alumni free of charge since September 2016. The classes are taught by Miss Li (李翠燕) and Miss Liang (梁少娟) from Shunde (順德) who have years of experience in teaching Chinese embroidery. They have a true passion in passing down this traditional art, and they travel from China every week to teach our girls.

I had the pleasure of visiting one of the classes and I am delighted to share with you some interesting takeaways from the alumni, students and teachers:


(1) From the Alumni:

Our alumni are very grateful for the opportunity to learn Chinese embroidery (which, as far as we are aware, is not taught anywhere else in Hong Kong). This experience has great sentimental value to them, as the classes take place within the school. “It is somewhat nostalgic to return to the School as a student and be part of a class years after graduation”, said an alumna.

One unanimous observation by the participating alumni is that the girls today are very lucky to have the opportunities to be exposed to a variety of activities which broaden their interests and horizons. The Chinese Embroidery class is offered as part of the School’s Diversified Interest Programme, where girls can choose to take part in a range of extra-curricular activities in the last two sessions on Wednesdays.


(2) From the Students:

The students have all benefited from the classes. One of the Form 1 girls commented that “in the beginning, I found this really difficult. To do this well, it takes a lot of concentration. However, with practice and guidance from the teachers, I have improved a lot as the course progresses. I am starting to enjoy this, as now I can create my own embroidery using patterns I design”.

The classroom was indeed filled with creativity vibes, where this Chinese traditional art is being applied to designs with western or Japanese influence, such as the embroidery of a cross, the Hail Mary prayer and even Doraemon.

The classes also demonstrated the School’s efforts to help students broaden their interests and strike a healthy work-life balance, which is crucial for their long-term development. One of the students commented that “practicing embroidery at home also help me find a moment of quietness where I can truly relax”.


(3) From the Teachers:

The two teachers are passionate about teaching in these classes. “Chinese Embroidery is an important part of Chinese culture and we believe that it is our mission to ensure that these traditional skills are passed down to our younger generation”, Miss Li explained.

Having students and alumni in the same class is also an interesting mix. The different generations often exchange ideas during class and this enriches the learning experience. “Students sees that the alumni are more focused, more organized and see things from a broader perspective. The alumni enjoy sharing their experiences in art and in life with the students and at the same time, they are inspired by some of the creative ideas that the younger generation has. It is an definite win-win situation for all”, observed Miss Li.

Sharon Wong (1995)