Christmas Cupcake Making Event

The Christmas cupcake making event on 3 Dec 2016 was a real success. It was a perfect opportunity for alumni and their families to meet up and to create amazing delicious cupcakes for their families, friends and sisters at the Convent. Ten families including alumni and their children attended the two-hour cupcake event. They learned to bake and decorate Christmas-themed cupcakes using simple decorating techniques, e.g. sprinkles. I started off by introducing a wide variety of tools and ingredients, to create their own colourful Christmas cupcakes. The children were attentive and worked with their parents as teams to create their unique treats. Everyone had a fantastic time, and it was lovely to see families getting into the festive spirit with children dressing up in their adorable outfits. During the event, all the lovely children prepared a Christmas card for the sisters at the convent.

At the end of the event, the alumni brought their hand-made cupcakes home and each family generously shared 2 cupcakes each with the sisters at the convent.


Dr Abby Wu