Class ’75 Reunion Trip to Hawaii

It was a great success for the Class of ’75 to meet in Hawaii this summer in celebration of the 40th graduation and 45 years of friendship, which goes way back to 1970, or even the kindergarten time. There were 16 alumni from Hong Kong and 15 from afar internationally, together with spouses and families to meet in Honolulu for our memorable reunion. The 8-day trip really brought back lots of good-old-day memories and strengthened the cohesiveness amongst us.

The preparation work began in 2013, and after several rounds of dinner meetings with the alumni in HK and Elvira Lo from Hawaii playing host, the itinerary was finalized in early 2015. Besides the usual visitors must see places, the organizing committee designed a fantastic itinerary for the participants.

The Hong Kong group departed for Honolulu on Friday, 15 May 2015. On Saturday morning, we visited the Farmer’s Market to have a taste of different kinds of Hawaiian grown fruits and vegetables, and fresh seafood as our first breakfast, such as BBQ and papaya. During the day, participants from U.S. Mainland, Canada and Australia flown in and met the group at the hotel. We all enjoyed the welcome dinner at Waikiki Elks Club, overlooking the beautiful sunset view of Waikiki beach. Fun and laughter erupted throughout the night as we took class and house photos, and presented gifts to the one who got married soonest after school and the grandmother with the most grandchildren. The highlight of the evening was Christina Leung and Helen Cheung singing the Chinese opera song, which they had won a prize in the interclass singing competition when they were in Form 3.

We were much honoured to be invited by the U.S. Navy to tour a VIP private boat cruise at Pearl Harbor Navy Base, Submarine base, historic sites and USS Arizona Memorial. We viewed an exhibition of World War II 70th Anniversary display of actual fighter planes and photos at The Aviation Museum.

The group also took a trip to Big Island to tour around Hilo Apt, Rainbow Falls State Park, Richardson’s Black Sand Beach, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Jaggar Museum, Steam Vents, Kilauea Iki Crater, Thurston Lava Tube. We had happy shopping at Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Factory.

The highlights of the reunion trip during our stay in Honolulu were to go hiking at Diamond Head, taking the Yellow Submarine in the Pacific Ocean to see the coral reef and colorful and spectacular schools of fish, lunch at the Honolulu Museum of Arts, dinner with fireworks display at the Yacht Club, and our sunset Farewell Dinner Harbour Cruise on Star of Honolulu.

The most touching moments of our reunion trip were our sharing time on the bus to and from Polynesian Culture Centre. Each alumnus presented a 10-minute sharing with the group about her life in the last 10 years. We were much pleased to learn of the achievements of our friends in different walks of life.

Everyday of the reunion trip was enjoyable and memorable simply because we were reconnecting, sharing, and updating our past, present, family, work, and girlhood for the last 40 years and beyond. The most valuable experience of this reunion trip was not the places we visited or the food we had, but the excitement that we could be together after so many years. The precious moments that we enjoyed listening to each other’s life stories, strengthened our bond as we upheld the Paulinian spirit. The reunion experience did not only add colours to our friendship, but also be a memorable experience at this stage of our lives, as we reminisced about our joyful days at SPCS.

Polynesian Cultural Centre

Farmer’s Market

Yellow Submarine
The Organizing Committee of the Hawaiian Tour:

Elvira Lo, Anita Mo, Annie Leung, Ruby Tan and Rosana Ip Class ’75

Celebrations of 40th Anniversary in Hawaii

What can I say about SPCS1975 Reunion in Honolulu, Hawaii? To borrow our fellow reunionist, Lillian Law’s words, ‘It is Amazing!’

I was struck by the beauty of the Hawaiian landscape, the charm of the Hawaiians. But what impressed me most was the GIRLS. They are so very gracious, accepting, and their generous spirit embracing friends from 40 years ago.

I have not seen about 90% of the girls for 40 years and at least 50% of them I did not know to speak with at school. (I moved overseas soon after completing Form 5 in 1975).

It warms my heart to be treated like a long lost sister by every girl. We are so very much alike after 40 years of very different life experiences. It is a testament of what the SPCS education has impressed on us.

My heartfelt gratitude to all the girls who participated. It was so good to catch up with old friends and get in touch with new ones. However, it would never have been possible without the enthusiasm and state of grace of the organising committee, Elvira Lo (in Honolulu), Annie Leung, Rosana Ip, Ruby Leung, Anita Mo (in Hong Kong).

The reunion was a life-affirming experience for me. Let’s do this again and again. Nobody can guarantee perfect health after 60. So like our youngest daughter will say ‘ YOLO, you only live once.’ Is the organising committee still alive and well!

Micky Yim Class ’75