AASPCS Committee 2016-17



Chairlady / Anna CHEUNG
Vice Chairlady & Professional Networking Convenor / Dr. Candy CHAN
Membership & School Link Convenor / Ceci HUNG
Treasurer / Michelle WONG
Annual Dinner Convenor / Marian LAM
Alumni Website Convenor / Pomona LAM
Mentorship Convenor / Abby WU
Secretary & Newsletter Convenor / Karen LEUNG
Membership & Overseas Link Convenor / Grace LAM
Newsletter & Activities Convenor / Sharon WONG
Mentorship Convenor / Amy CHANG
Activities Convenor / Elaine TANG



Chairlady / ANNA CHEUNG

Graduate of 1987. I’m honoured to be able to serve the Executive Board as Chairlady and Annual Dinner Convenor, having served the Board as Annual Dinner and Activity Convenor for the term 2010-2011.

As the Chairlady, I would strive my best to work closely with all the committee members of the Board, to enable the Alumni in providing a platform for Paulinians from different branches and all parts of the world to network through our regular communications, annual dinner, events and activities. In addition, serve the community by committing in community services.

Vice Chairlady & Professional Networking Convenor / DR. CANDY CHAN

Graduate of 1994. Working as a family doctor after completed my medical studies at HKU, I have recently set-up my own medical centre with special interest in child health and preventive medicine. Married with two daughters, now happily expecting my third baby. I have served the Executive Board since 2008 and it is my great honor to be invited to serve as the Vice-Chairlady and Professional Networking Convenor this year. I look forward to work closely with all board members, in recruiting more new members from various years of graduation, organizing mentorship programme in different professional fields, as well as the maintaining the smooth running of the Board. My Paulinian spirit has grown stronger and stronger each day and I think it is the perfect moment for me to contribute to my beloved mother school and to the community.

Membership & School Link Convenor / CECI HUNG

Graduate of 1989.


A student of SPCS for 9 years, belonging to the F5 grad year of 1998. Now I am working in finance involving in financing real estate investments and risk management. I have spent the past 10 years in banking and private equity after graduating in Civil Engineering from Imperial College. I also completed a part-time MBA in HKU and Columbia Business School in 2011. I learnt how to work hard and play hard at SPCS. It gave me a lot of room to explore my interests and horizon, while learning to become an independent thinker. In 2014-2015 I was the membership convenor and became the treasurer from 2015. Hope I can continue to contribute to AASPCS.

Annual Dinner Convenor / MARIAN LAM

I am a graduate of 1985. I studied in St Paul¡¦s Convent School since Kindergarten until I completed Form 5, after which I continued my education in the UK, where I completed my A-Levels and acquired my degree in Management Science and Computing, in the University of Kent.

I have been in the field of marketing since graduation and have accumulated over 20 years of experience in the area, working with banks and telecommunication companies. As a mother of two, I have a strong urge to influence my children and people around me with the same Paulinian spirit and values I had the good fortune of experiencing throughout my childhood.

I am honored to have the opportunity of participating in the organization of some of the alunmni activities over the past few months and I look forward to dedicating more of my time contributing to the alumni and fellow Paulinians.

Alumni Website Convenor / POMONA LAM

Graduate of 1991.

Mentorship Convenor / ABBY WU

Graduate of 1996.

Secretary & Newsletter Convenor / KAREN LEUNG

Graduate of 1994. I am grateful that I am brought up by this School with loving and caring Sisters and Teachers.

As a graduate, I join the SPCS Alumni Association (AASPCS) with a happy and devoted heart. I hope I could work together with other committee members in the AASPCS to commit to fulfill its pledge, that is, to serve the School and the Community.

I am a Barrister. Having been worked in the Department of Justice for 10 years as Prosecutor, I am now working in the Judiciary.

Membership & Overseas Link Convenor / GRACE LAM

Graduate of 1988 since Kindergarten.  Once a Paulinian, forever a Paulinian. I am thankful and honoured to have the chance to serve fellow Paulinians as the Membership Convenor this year.

Newsletter & Activities Convenor / SHARON WONG

Class of 1995 (F5). I became a Paulinian in 1984 and left SPCS for Australia in 1993 to further my studies. I graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Law (BCom/LLB) and qualified as a solicitor in Hong Kong, England and Wales and New South Wales. I started my legal career as a corporate lawyer in an international law firm and am currently an in-house counsel at a global investment bank covering capital markets transactions in Asia. I look back at my days at SPCS with a lot of sweet childhood memories and this was also where I have earned life-long friendship, developed core values in life and became a Catholic. I am very honored to have the opportunity to sit on the AASPCS Committee as Activity Convenor since 2014. I hope to continue to serve our alumni and to contribute and support our alma mater and the community.

Mentorship Convenor / AMY CHANG

Graduate of 1996, it is a honor for me to continue my role as Mentorship Convenor of AASPCS.

I have graduated from SPCS since 1993 after completing form 6, to further my studies in USA and University of Hong Kong Faculty of Medicine. I am now a clinical oncologist at Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital. I feel blessed that my education at SPCS has enabled me to face challenges with a strong mind, and to have empathy and good communication skills to interact with unfortunate sick patients.

I feel honored to have the chance to work for the alumni association. Throughout the mentorship program, I get to meet the young and energetic student Paulinians and share with them the various aspects in the medical field. It is impressive to note that our school continues to provide diverse and interesting extra-curricular activities for students.

Activities Convenor / ELAINE TANG

Graduate of 1994.






Ms Anita MO / Advisor to Alumni Chairlady
Alumni Chairlady (2004 – 2010), Vice Chairlady (2003 – 2004)
Graduation Year 1975

Ms Ellen MAK / Advisor to Vice Chairlady & Activities
Alumni Chairlady (2010 – 2011)
Graduation Year 1979

Ms Maria LUI / Advisor to Treasurer & Membership
Treasurer & Membership (1993 – 2011), Vice Chairlady (1995 – 1997)
Graduation Year 1972

Ms Angela May NG / Advisor to Membership & School Link Convenor
Membership & School Link Convenor (2005 -2011)
Graduation Year 1972

Ms Ruby TAN / Advisor to Investment & Finance
Overseas Alumni Convenor (2006 – 2010), Investment Adviser (2010 – 2011)
Graduation Year 1975

Ms Peggy CHAN / Advisor to Professional Networking & Mentoring
Alumni Chairlady (1986 – 1988), Activity Convenor (2006 – 2009)
Graduation Year 1978

Ms Cynthia TSANG / Advisor to Professional Networking & Mentoring
Vice Chairlady (’05 -’09)
Graduation Year 1978

Ms Annie LEUNG / Advisor to Professional Networking & Mentoring
Vice Chairlady (2002 – 2003), Alumni Chairlady (2003 – 2004)
Graduation Year 1975

Ms Mary HUANG / Advisor to Alumni Voluntary Work
Alumni Chairlady (1995 – 1997)
Graduation Year 1968

Ms Shirley SUNG / Advisor to Alumni Voluntary Work
Alumni Chairlady (1993 – 1994)
Graduation Year 1972

Ms Jessica Chiu / Advisor to Newsletter
Newsletter Convenor (1997 – 2012)
Graduation Year 1984



A representative of a group of SPCS alumni, mainly graduates of the same year, who encourages other alumni to join the alumni activities.


We need helping hands in designated projects of the Alumni Association such as:

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//  Alumni Webpage
//  Annual Dinner
//  Interest Groups
//  Membership
//  Mentorship
//  Newsletter
//  Treasurer
//  Voluntary Work

Welcome to contact us if you are interested in becoming a Sub-Committee Member.