Paulinian Alumni Vancouver

Paulinian Alumni Vancouver was established in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1987 with a current membership of 191. All members are Paulinians from SPCS, SPSS and SPLT in Hong Kong and now residing in different cities in British Columbia.  


Objectives of the Alumni are:

  1. to gather Paulinians together where we can rekindle old schoolmates and continue the deep bonds we created during our school days,
  2. to enhance the development of Paulinian spirit, and
  3. to meet with past and present teachers, principals and Paulinians of different generations during events organised.


The Alumni is managed by an Executive Committee of 11 voluntary members. Under the leadership of Chairperson, Geraldine Lui (SPCS, graduation year 1967) and two Vice Chairpersons, Sylvia Chok (SPCS, 1966) and Cecilia Tong (SPSS, 1968), the Executive Committee works towards three Missions :

  1. to assist Paulinians who are newly migrated to British Columbia to quickly adapt to the environment,
  2. to enhance the friendship of Paulinians by holding at least four events a year, and
  3. to spread Paulinian spirit by contributing to our local communities.


There are four regular events being organised for all members, family members and friends every year:

  1. Annual Dinner in lunar January – over 100 guests attend and enjoy a get-together annually
  2. Barbeque/Hiking in Summer – about 40 participants treasure an outdoor activity together
  3. One day trip in Autumn – about 50 participants visit to nearby cities, like Whistler, etc.
  4. Christmas carol at seniors home – carol team of over 30 members visit 3 seniors home in China Town


Since 2010, the Alumni has been maintaining a website: so that all members can keep updated of the news and events of the Alumni. Do visit the website and take a look at our events. If any Paulinian who will be migrating or visiting British Columbia or anyone is interested to know more about the Alumni, feel free to get in touch with us at



Alumni Exco Members 4_image_022015 Annual Dinner with theme “A Date with the Beatles”
4_image_04One Day Trip to Diablo Lake in Washington, USA 4_image_03A Visit to Abbey, BC 
4_image_05Xmas Carol Singing at Old Folks Homes 4_image_06Hiking trip after BBQ

2014 Annual dinner


4_image_08 4_image_09

2013 Annual Dinner with theme “Love”

4_image_10 4_image_11

2010 Annual Dinner

4_image_12 In 2010 Winter Olympic was held at Vancouver, so we used it as our theme.

We have ichael Remedios to perform for us.  His mother is our Paulinian from SPCS, so as his sister, whom you can see in the photo.

– Performance of Michael Remedios

– Photos with some Paulinians from SPCS, do you recognize any of them?

– Venue Deco for the theme “Olympic”

4_image_14 4_image_15
4_image_16 4_image_17
Geraldine Lui (SPCS, graduation year 1967)