Such a Meaningful Event!

April 8, 2017 will always be a very special and memorable day for me and my family. I am extremely honoured and privileged to participate in a most meaningful event organized by the Alumni Association of SPCS to visit the elderlies at Caritas Elderly Centre to show our support, respect and care to the elderlies. During the visit, 10 family groups were divided into small groups. We played games and did some art and craft together with the elderlies. Some of us brought along our children and they participated in singing and dancing for the elderlies. What’s most fulfilling was to see the appreciation and sweet smiling faces of the elderlies as they thoroughly enjoyed singing along with the kids.

My daughter, Janice Leung, was very grateful for the opportunity for her to bring joy and fun to the elderlies with her singing and dancing.

It was not only a very good opportunity for us to hear first-hand the stories of the good old days from the elderlies, to share and take care of those in need, but also a most treasured occasion to showcase to our next generation the beauty of sharing and loving, and to better appreciate the meaning of life.

My heartiest gratitude goes to the Alumni Association of SPCS for organizing such a meaningful event for all of us. It’s my firm belief that this event has brought everyone warmth and laughter. It has also strengthened the bonding between the young, the elderlies and our community.


Josephine Yu