Tea Appreciation Workshop

My daughter and I had the greatest pleasure in joining the Tea Workshop held by AASPCS in January.   It was also a great fun to see all little girls dressing up in traditional Chinese dresses and enjoying a “tea party” in our nicely decorated Chinese Room at school.  What a perfect way to pre-celebrate the New Year of Rooster!!

Prof Liu is such an master!!  She not only enlighten us with different kinds of tea, explained the rituals of tea making and demonstrated step-by-step tea steeping procedures, she even brought all traditional brewing utensils and her whole team to let our kids brew tea themselves.  Can you imagine letting your four-year old making a cup of tea for you?  That’s exactly what my daughter did for me in this tea party, with the help to Prof Liu and her team.  They were so thoughtful and experienced.  What a fun and enjoyable way to learn our Chinese tea culture!!

Thanks AASPCS!!!  Thanks Prof Liu!!!


Grace Lam