UK Chapter

The UK Chapter of the SPCS Alumni Association was inaugurated in London on 3rd August 2012. The Chapter was formed in response to a small group of UK-based Paulinians who shared a desire to connect with other Paulinians residing in the UK, with Paulinians who spend time in the UK either regularly or less frequently, with Paulinians from across all years of attendance at our alma mater.

Since its inauguration, no formal gathering has yet taken place as a UK Chapter function. However, the Paulinian spirit thrives. Several friends from the Class of 1969 and the Class of 1972, either residing in or visiting the UK, have met in London on a number of occasions. These occasional gatherings on a personal basis have provided the impetus for further forging the friendship amongst Paulinians across these two year groups.

The convenors of the UK Chapter continue to hope to expand the connection with more fellow Paulinians residing in the UK. They also look forward to meeting and welcoming any Paulinians visiting the UK.  

The following two convenors of the UK Chapter would be delighted to hear from you:

Sandra (Silva) Gastaldon (1969):

Angelina (Yang) Jenkins (1969):


Paulinians in the UK :

…………occasional gatherings amongst friends:

Angelina Yang, 1969

Celebrations of 40th Anniversary in Hawaii

What can I say about SPCS1975 Reunion in Honolulu, Hawaii? To borrow our fellow reunionist, Lillian Law’s words, ‘It is Amazing!’

I was struck by the beauty of the Hawaiian landscape, the charm of the Hawaiians. But what impressed me most was the GIRLS. They are so very gracious, accepting, and their generous spirit embracing friends from 40 years ago.

I have not seen about 90% of the girls for 40 years and at least 50% of them I did not know to speak with at school. (I moved overseas soon after completing Form 5 in 1975).

It warms my heart to be treated like a long lost sister by every girl. We are so very much alike after 40 years of very different life experiences. It is a testament of what the SPCS education has impressed on us.

My heartfelt gratitude to all the girls who participated. It was so good to catch up with old friends and get in touch with new ones. However, it would never have been possible without the enthusiasm and state of grace of the organising committee, Elvira Lo (in Honolulu), Annie Leung, Rosana Ip, Ruby Leung, Anita Mo (in Hong Kong).

The reunion was a life-affirming experience for me. Let’s do this again and again. Nobody can guarantee perfect health after 60. So like our youngest daughter will say ‘ YOLO, you only live once.’ Is the organising committee still alive and well!

Micky Yim Class ’75